Data Quality Solutions

If you have bad data, there’s a good chance that no single software product can help you. Our data quality solutions can provide you with reliable and quality data, synchronized consistently across the many systems of your organization.  Our process includes several passes over the data using automated tools, and then looking it over with human eyes.  It is a painstaking process that we have mastered through years of experience.

Our service offerings include:

Data Deduping and Consolidation​

This process involves identifying duplicates based on a number of criteria.  We dedupe and consolidate over several passes, improving the resulting data quality with each pass.

Data Enrichment

This process involves adding data obtained from data sources such as Dunn and Bradstreet.  Data such as zip codes, company revenue, and number of employees is available to enrich your data set.

Data Standardization

This service involves reformatting the data to a uniform standard format.  For example, standardizing the case, be it upper case or lower case; converting state names either to abbreviations or full form; checking zip codes, etc.

Data Conversion

This service involves exporting data from one system and importing it into another system.  ACT, Excel, Access, iMIS, Sugar CRM, and Mail Chimp are some of the systems that we commonly are asked to convert, and we have developed tools to help automate much of  this process


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