Who We Are

Fantail was founded in 2009, at the depth of one of the greatest economic slowdowns in modern history. The company was founded on the idea of tackling age old problems with cost effective solutions and newer technologies. The idea of  'out with the old and take a fresh look at everything'  was rigorously applied in all aspects of the business.

One realization we had, early on - that it's not about software, but what we do with it - led to our structuring the company in a lean way. Fantail has a small and carefully selected team of talented individuals at the core, who are supported by top notch technology service providers.  The core of talented and driven professionals, complemented by an extended team of service providers, is what Fantail is all about. We also have deep relationships with several consultants who frequently collaborate with us. Our ethos is about quality, ingenuity, perfection, speed, flexibility, and affordable cost.

Fantail is lead by Pat Pathade, a consummate technology professional and inveterate entrepreneur.  Pat has a long history of successes and satisfied customers. 

About Us

Fantail is a full-service solution provider, specializing in leveraging the latest technologies and software platforms to allow your company to achieve increased profitability, streamlined and flexible workflow and scalability that enables your goals, mission and revenue to grow and evolve with the market.



7560 Morris St Unit-1
Fulton, MD 20759


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