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Implementation S​ervices

It is easy to get started with Salesforce®. But experience has taught most of us that, if anything looks very easy, it's probably too good to be true. Yes, anyone can get started with Salesforce® and quickly set up a workable system - but the risk is that users will just scratch the surface of what the program can do.      

 And, you run the risk of low adoption rates because of a less than well thought out system and inadequate training.

If you ask around, there are numerous stories of poor adoption and failed Salesforce® implementations. We believe that getting outside expert help is a must if you are serious about using Salesforce®. And we think you'll find our expert help quite affordable.

Our implementation team has experience - tons of it. Not only with implementing Salesforce® but also with a host of other technologies and software that complement and integrate with the software. This is important, as invariably, your system requirements will never be in isolation; they will be tied to your other systems and business processes; and any new implementation will need to be integrated into existing setups.

Our implementation specialists are certified Salesforce® consultants and administrators; PMI certified project managers; and have strong business analytic skills and programming backgrounds. And these experts are supported by qualified and experienced database administrators and programmers. We bring you innovative solutions that work - at a price that is not expensive.

Training Services

The ability to maximize use of technology doesn't hinge on the technology itself - instead, achieving excellence depends on people, specially, giving them the best training - so they can be most effective. This is why we put so much emphasis on training.

Since each organization is so unique, and because every Salesforce installation is invariably configured and customized to fit your organization, we begin with gaining a thorough understanding of your business processes and your Salesforce installation. Then we devise the training sessions around specific needs. Our trainers are also accomplished Salesforce consultants, with a deep understanding of how things work under the hood - which is a huge plus point in delivering a successful training session.

We offer training in whatever format and mode you are comfortable with:  one-on-one or in a group; online or onsite. We will do whatever suits you.

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