Fantail’s primary mission is to provide sensible, scalable and sustainable technology solutions that maximize operational efficiency, bottom line, and future needs. To that end, before beginning any project, we undertake a rigorous discovery phase with our clients, in which we clearly identify their mission, assets, current and future goals, and business needs prior to recommending a solution.

Our team’s expertise enables us to quickly assess a client’s needs and put together a project plan that will deliver a solution that perfectly matches the ultimate goals. We have expertise in the following areas:


As a Salesforce Consulting Partner with certified Salesforce cloud consultants and administrators, we not only provide implementation and training services, but go miles beyond. Our experts know every nook and cranny, and the infinite possibilities Salesforce offers your team, and can help your leverage every ounce of its capabilities.

Data Quality Solutions

If you have bad data, there’s a good chance that no single software product can help your team. Our data quality solutions can provide you with reliable, quality data, synchronized consistently across the many systems of your organization.

Web Solutions

We love Drupal, and make no bones about it. In fact, we’ve built dozens of websites of all scales, sizes and types using this platform. However, we also know that there are unique circumstances and needs your business may have. Our experts, while being Drupal ninjas, are also adept in other content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Ruby on Rails and others.

Systems Integration

Any successful systems integration project includes great project management, thorough needs assessment and a deep understanding of your organization’s legacy systems, the ripple effect one change will have on the rest of your infrastructure, and a holist implementation approach. Our team’s experience with systems integration projects of all scopes, sizes and types will ensure your next integration project is efficient and with the last number of technical issues.

UI/UX Consulting

Beyond the look and feel of a website or application, the psychology can often determine the success or failure of a project. Our UI/UX team has several decades of not only building logical, intuitive user interfaces and experiences, but understands the psychology behind the experience.

Custom App Development

Our app development team takes a macro view of the process to build apps – both for Android and iOS – that are dynamic and able to deeply integrate with your organization’s other systems, to provide the end user with a robust experience.

About Us

Fantail is a full-service solution provider, specializing in leveraging the latest technologies and software platforms to allow your company to achieve increased profitability, streamlined and flexible workflow and scalability that enables your goals, mission and revenue to grow and evolve with the market.



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